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So, how minimalist is your workspace? An organized and uncluttered workspace is a thing of beauty.  What exactly is a minimalist office workspace? Depending on the person you ask, it is a question that has various answers. The ultimate minimalist office workspace would be one that has no desk, no papers, no computer, or anything of the kind. It would be a workspace composed of just yourself. You would think and talk, and just sit on the floor. Well, of course, that will not work for most of... read more


Having a Halloween Party in your home can also be a drag. After the festivities, all you end up with is a huge mess to clean up. Sometimes, it even results in having professional cleaners come to your home to clean up after the fact. Thinking of the pros and cons of putting so much effort in celebrating Halloween, it can lead you to get exacerbated with the whole holiday altogether. To avoid this from happening, you should find something else to do this Halloween. Think of what... read more


We often look at cleaning as a dreadful, time-consuming affair; however, some people make things worse for themselves by going about cleaning the wrong way. Not only does this yield below average cleaning results, but it also means that all your time and effort has gone in vain! Perhaps you haven’t done your research, or maybe you’ve just been settling for poor end results; whatever the case may be, we’re here to share some common cleaning mistakes that could be wasting your precious time! Read some important facts... read more

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