5 Easy and Creative Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving - Maid in Hoboken
Nov 11

5 Easy and Creative Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving

By Maid in Hoboken Admin

5 Easy and Creative Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving - Maid in Hoboken

Planning something different for dinner this Thanksgiving? Looking for your best Thanksgiving turkey recipe? Breaking the routine can be difficult if you don’t know much about cooking, but don’t worry, we have you covered with these easy turkey recipes for beginners. Easy to cook but also very diverse and tasty, guaranteed to make you look good with your guests.

Grilled Tuscan Style Turkey

The recipe for Tuscan turkey is well known. Basically, you added herbs like sage to your basic turkey recipe and that’s it. But, what happens when you need to grill it? This could happen whenever you have only one oven and two turkeys to cook. Then you have to get creative and cook the second bird on your grill. Don’t worry, is not difficult at all; you just need a pair of strong shears and hands, but practically, it cooks just like a chicken.

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Barbecue Turkey

If you want to wow your guests but don’t have the time or skills to present a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner, consider using simple but effective flavors like, you know it, barbeque! What do you need? Just the BBQ sauce of your choice, massage it over the turkey and put it inside the oven. Follow your average turkey recipe and it’s done! Your guests will love the BBQ crusty crisp that the melted brown sugar leaves on your turkey.

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Red Chile and Orange Glazed Turkey

This recipe is for a more seasoned turkey that will amaze all tastes, especially if you have Latin guests in your table. However, the preparation time is longer because you have to brine the turkey 24 hours before the roasting. Find a large cooler and put the bird in, then add sugar and salt until dissolved, also vinegar, bay leaves, and peppercorns. The next day, when the turkey is cooking, prepare the glaze with spicy red chiles and sweet oranges. The result can’t be described, you have to taste it!

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Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey

Probably you are asking: Mayo on my turkey? Really? But don’t let yourself be misguided by the name; this juicy Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t taste like mayonnaise. By seasoning with some herbs, you can create a delicious dressing for your big bird. Also, slice some onions and you’ll have the perfect combination of flavors. Cook your turkey in the oven, as usual, and let the mayo/herb mixture create its magic on top of the juicy bird meat.

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Maple-Glazed Turkey with Bacon and Sage Butter

Bacon makes everything better, right? Seriously, this turkey recipe may sound a little too out there, but it is absolutely gratifying. The name says everything: It’s just your regular roasted turkey with some extra ingredients on top. First, you must slather with sage-flecked butter and glaze with pure maple syrup as the turkey cooks. Then, add salty bacon to the top of the bird and more syrup. The final result is a moist, juicy, tender turkey with an undertone of sage and bacon.

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Now you know what to cook in your Thanksgiving dinner. We hope you have a nice evening with your loved ones and the preparations for the event don’t leave you so exhausted. But if that happens, don’t hesitate to book our cleaning service for your home this holiday.