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  • About Us

    It all starts with great people. Maid in Hoboken is the residential and commercial cleaning service of choice for Hoboken. We guarantee that everyone on our cleaning staff has been carefully screened for honesty, dependability and a commitment to excellence. That includes background checks and a relationship with CertifiedPolygraphAssociates.com.

    Our Maids Are Professionals

    Maid in Hoboken employees receive competitive salaries, performance incentives and vacation time. They helped build our company and most have been with us from the start. If you’d like to show your appreciation for a job well done, we provide special gratuity envelopes that you may use to tip your cleaning crew. Otherwise, our staff will never assume cash left lying around at your place is a gratuity. We never take your trust in us for granted.

    We’re Hudson County’s Cleaning Service Of Choice

    Each member of our cleaning team has receive thorough training for the tasks at hand. From dusting, sweeping to mopping, we’re happy to take cleaning off of your hands entirely. On a tight budget? We can customize our services to suit your needs. With our fine staff and competitive rates, Maid in Hoboken can quickly make your life easier.

    Rated #1 on Yelp for Customer Satisfaction

    Unhappy with any part of our service? Notify us within 24 hours after the appointment and we will redo the work to your satisfaction at no charge. Get a Quote Maid in Hoboken Logo

    Maid in Hoboken provides cleaning services in the following areas in New Jersey:

    For your reference, our NJ State License #: 13VH08040100

    A High 5 For Clean

    What You Need to Know About Maid in Hoboken
    Maintaining our bathroom is so much easier with help coming in once a week.
    Now I never have to worry about having unexpected guests because my place is always spic ‘n span
    My team can be more productive now and I’m not embarrassed to invite clients into the office.
    My place has been dust-free since I hired Maid in Hoboken and my allergies are finally starting to subside.
    I realize that hiring Maid in Hoboken is cheaper than all of the cleaning supplies I use in a month.