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    At Maid in Hoboken, we guarantee that our staff cleaning your home have been carefully pre-screened for honesty, dependability and a commitment to excellence.

    Flexible Service Plans By Trusted Professionals

    • Fully Screened and Trained Employees. We thoroughly screen and conduct extensive background checks on all our team member.
    • Fully Insured….ALL of our employees are documented and covered by workers’ compensation. Our competitors claim to be fully insured but hire undocumented workers that cannot be insured or bonded.
    • Full time employees. ALL of our employees are full time employees. We do not recruit day laborers or sub-contractors
    • The only maid service with a storefront. We ARE your neighborhood maid service.
    • Our products are ECO-Friendly and 75% of them are certified Green. Every mop head and rag is cleaned and sanitized prior to coming into your home. The competitors send teams out with 1 mop for the day and expect to get it cleaned in your sink.

    Maid In Hoboken is proud that residents have helped make us Yelp’s #1 housecleaning service in customer satisfaction in New Jersey!

    Call us today at (201) 659-9500 or complete our estimate form and let us give you a cleaner, happier home today!


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