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6 Decorating Tips for Small Homes
Jun 10

6 Decorating Tips for Small Homes

By Maid in Hoboken Admin

Having a small place can be harsh, as anyone who has ever live in one can attest to. Nonetheless, this situation can be a great opportunity for you to use your creativity so you can make a home of it and feel proud of it. The next tips will help you to know what kind of furniture is best for your apartment or house, and how to take advantage of every square foot and get crazy with new decoration ideas. Take advantage of every nook and corner Some... read more

A kid going off to college is a pretty emotional shift for many families, and the house certainly feels different for a while for the people who stay behind. A thing that doesn’t get a lot of attention, however, is what to do with the extra space of a newly empty room, mostly because some families like to preserve it as is in case the kid boomerangs back home or just for sentimental reasons. Well, that’s a very valid way to do things, but you should know that... read more


Unless properly sealed, stored, and refrigerated, most foods will become a breeding ground for bacteria in no time, which can put your family at risk from the spoilage. The ideal time between preparation and cold storage is two hours, but what’s the best way to store these leftovers and avoid potential contamination? Well, there are plenty of options out there, but surely you’re only interested in using the very best. The food container discussion usually revolves around the material these containers are made of, the most common being... read more

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