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Maid in Hoboken - Top Classics To Read During Winter 2020

The major holidays are over. The guests have gone home. It’s a new year full of resolutions and opportunities. Why not make the most of this winter nap to curl up with a good classic novel to warm your soul, challenge your mind, and lift your spirits. Let the words of the masters inspire and encourage you to excel in all your endeavors in life. Let Maid in Hoboken cleaning service share with you these classic novels to read during winter!  1984  Written by George Orwell, 1984, is... read more

" 7 Great Ideas For Family New Year's Resolutions "

Making New Year’s resolutions with your family can be a little challenging, but with these few ideas and hacks, surely you will succeed.

7 Cleaning Hacks For Any Holiday Gathering In Home
Dec 10

7 Cleaning Hacks For Any Holiday Gathering In Home

By Maid in Hoboken Admin

Hosting a holiday family reunion is not easy work. There are always last-minute changes, you have to clean the guest’s rooms, not to mention cook a delicious Christmas dinner. And above all, cleaning? Well, someone has to do it. But don’t worry so much, because there are some tricks you can apply to reduce the amount of work a little. Keep reading to find our Christmas cleaning checklist and some tips to do it better and faster. Deep clean one week before Don’t leave everything for the last... read more

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