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Noise complaints are part and parcel of living in an apartment building, no matter how thick the walls are. Being on the receiving end of a complaint is a whole different story, however, and while making at least some noise is just inevitable as part of daily life, there are plenty of ways to “soundproof” your routine, or at least muff it down enough that you’ll be a model tenant for as long as you live in that complex. The following are tips to help you reduce (or... read more


It’s safe to say that most people are trying to be friendlier with the environment, but since almost everything today is designed with easy, disposable convenience in mind, finding and adopting green habits might be a little harder than it seems. But don’t be discouraged! There are so many ways to go about it that everyone can do it, and you’ll be surprised how going green saves money down the line. One of these ways is, of course, getting rid of plastic in our daily lives. It doesn’t... read more


Hoboken has a long and important history in America. As part of the New York City metropolitan area, it shares a lot with the Big Apple, but it has its own identity and sites to explore. The city is graced with marvelous and several Hoboken historical sites that are unique to the locality. These sites not only attract residents but also visitors from all over the world. The Hudson River The  315-mile river that flows north to south chiefly through the eastern part of the state of New... read more