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Looking for delicious and festive Christmas dinner ideas? Search no more. Here are some of the best recipes—from appetizers to mains to desserts to drinks—to make your meal as unique as the holiday itself. And don’t forget merry beverages to keep the cheer going all night long. Skip the traditional Christmas dinner menu and try these recipes instead! Caramelized Onion Tarts with Apples If you need an impressive appetizer without a lot of effort, this sweet and savory dish is mixed with apples and onions on top of... read more


Bringing your phone everyday when you’re on your way to work is good, but listening to witty podcasts is better. Now that almost everyone has a mobile phone and a data plan that allows them to download or stream audio, it’s no surprise that there’s a podcast for every mood —whether you want comedy, drama or breaking news. Make your commute more productive and fun with these funny podcasts to listen to! 1. The Engaging Brand The Engaging Brand is a podcast in the UK and is hosted by... read more


While many people prefer Spring or Summer for their weddings, either because of the weather or how versatile the styles can be for those seasons, Fall has a special place in the hearts of wedding planners. Autumn is a season of changes, when green turns into many colors on trees and provides a very spiritual setting, so it gives the wedding an opportunity to be special. Use the rustic colors of Autumn to create a romantic wedding of the century! Here are some fall-inspired wedding decorations that you’ll... read more