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  • NJ Cleaning Services

    NJ Cleaning Services – Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly & Special Occasion Cleaning Services in Hoboken, NJ

    No mops? No problem. Maid in Hoboken brings in all of the cleaning equipment and supplies necessary to get your home and business squeaky clean. You pay one affordable fixed price for each cleaning with no contracts or commitments and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    We understand that plans can change. As long as you give 24 hours notice, you can skip, reschedule, or add a service with no additional fees.

    It’s simple: Leave a dirty house in the morning and come back to a clean house at night with our NJ Cleaning Services.

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    Kitchen Cleaning Services

    • Load dishwasher and clean kitchen sink
    • Clean cabinet doors and drawers
    • Clean microwave oven (inside and out)
    • Clean countertops, cooking surfaces, and appliance exteriors
    • Wash and mop kitchen floors

    Bathroom Cleaning Services

    • Disinfect all bathroom fixtures
    • Scrub tub walls and shower area
    • Wash bathroom floors
    • Clean all glass and mirrors

    Other Living Area Cleaning Services

    • Vacuum carpets, hard surface floors, stairs and upholstered furniture
    • Change bedding
    • Dust windowsills, ledges and wall hangings
    • Pick up and straighten household and personal items
    • Polish furniture
    • Remove cobwebs
    • Empty trash bins

    Special Cleaning Services

    Additional Cleaning Solutions

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    Maid in Hoboken provides cleaning solutions to many areas, including: