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    From Olympic wrestler Steve Mocco to actor/rapper Ice-T, there are many famous names to have called North Bergen their home and we have no doubt why. Zip code 07047, is another beautiful Hudson County township that we provide top cleaning services to. It is conveniently located near to Hoboken, making it a great location for an easy commute into NYC.

    Whether you live in the Hudson Ridge Apartments or a private residence of your own, we can provide you custom cleaning services to fit your schedule. Maid in Hoboken is an insured & bonded maid service that you can trust in your home, because we complete an extensive background check on all of our staff members. What’s more, we have a professional polygrapher on retainer, so that we never have to question the word of our cleaning professionals. We provide all different eco-friendly cleaning services, from carpet cleaning to office cleaning and more. Plus, if we ever miss a spot, just contact us within 24hrs and we will send someone to clean up the problem at no extra charge! We don’t want you to ever have to give cleaning a second thought, so we get the job done for you.

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