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  • Organizing Your Home with Basic Office Supplies

    Organizing Your Home with Basic Office Supplies

    If you work in an office, you might think there’s nothing worse than the prospect of bringing it home with you, but what if we told you, that offices had mastered something over homes that you might need in your life? We’re talking about organization, of course. Office supplies are pretty great at it, and we’ve made a list of ways you can better organize your house with them.

    These are all suggested uses, of course, but you can try and come up with as many uses for your office supplies as you can. Once you start, it becomes kind of addicting hacking your way around the house. Of course, if you need a little tidying up before bringing in the supplies, there are ways to delegate that, like in an office!

    Letter sorters

    Let’s be honest, who receives enough letters that they need to sort them, even in an office job? The sorters, however, are an excellent way of organizing pretty much anything that’s flat and not too cumbersome.

    If you have several makeup palettes, you can save space and have them all visible at the same time with a small letter sorter, which also keeps them safe from falling (we’ve all been there). Bigger sorters can be used to store and organize members of the flat family in the kitchen; pizza boards, cooling racks, baking sheets, and cutting boards, to name a few.

    Binder clips

    Who knew these would be so useful for anything other than holding paper and pretending they’re little biting critters? These are the answer to the age-old question of how to keep a bunch of different cords organized. You can get them colored to differentiate one cord from the other, or have them all blend in with the surface you’ll be keeping them in.

    On a smaller scale, these are great to keep things like bobby pins all secured in one place instead of having them swim around your purse or in a drawer. You can also beat the headphone-tangling-elves away by clipping your earphones when not in use.


    These are a super versatile home organizing tool because you can hang pretty much any small, light object from it with just a tack. Use it as you would in an office, to pin small reminders, chore lists, and other documents from it, or to display and organize your jewelry instead of having it tumble around in a single drawer.

    You can even go the extra mile and upgrade all your kitchen cabinets by lining the inside of their doors with cork, from which you can hang smaller containers, utensils and recipes, to name a few. That will allow you to free up space on the inside of the cabinets allowing you to use.

    Magazine files

    Hanging a magazine file from the inside of your cabinet door will let you hold boxes of aluminum foil, wax paper, resealable bags, and others, freeing up even more space in the cabinet itself. Consider getting a bigger one for your cans, as well, which will allow you to stack them much more easily than just putting them one on top of the other.

    They also make for a good way to organize personal papers without using cumbersome boxes, and each family member can have their own file to avoid going through a huge pile of documents every time they need one in particular.

    Following these office organization tips and tricks in your house might seem like a stretch at first, but soon you’ll see how easier they make things for you. After all, if you know how to organize a messy office, then a cluttered house should be no problem at all.