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  • Airbnb Cleaning Service Tips For Your Space

    Tailored Cleaning For Your Airbnb Living Space

    If you Airbnb your home, Maid in Hoboken has tailored a cleaning service just for you! Let us be your eyes and ears when you can’t be there. How it works:
    • You provide us with 2 sets of linens and towels and we will take care of the housekeeping.
    • Maid in Hoboken will sweep, vacuum and mop all the floors.
    • We will change out the linens and towels, bring the dirty set to our shop, launder them and return them clean on the next visit.
    • Maid in Hoboken will clean the bathroom and kitchen as well including the dishes.

    Contact Us to Make Your guests will feel as if they were staying in a 5 Star Hotel today!

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