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  • Post-Construction Cleaning

    Don’t let your budget get out of control by hiring a cleaning company without experience in post-construction cleaning. Construction Cleaning can be a challenge without having the proper knowledge, training & tools to get the job done right, at Maid in Hoboken we have that knowledge to keep your project on track.

    How to properly perform a post-construction cleaning

    Post Construction is done best in 2 cleaning cycles, the initial cleaning where we cleaning up the larger items and left over construction materials, and then after all the work has been completed 100% completed on your home of office we will perform the detail clean or final clean where we complete the fine cleaning details making home or office ready to be occupied.

    Changing Your Furnace Air Filter Reduces the Dust

    If you have a larger office building or just making small updated to your home, these steps help to ensure that the dust is help at a minimum, with replacing your furnace files just before the detail clean .

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