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    At Maid in Hoboken, we’re 100% focused on your satisfaction! That’s why our clients stay with us and refer us to their family and friends. Listen to what people are saying about us!

    Maid Service In Hoboken

    “The building in which my office is located provides a cleaning service. Each Monday I come in and our office smells like a mixture of mold and pine-sol. I just heard about Maid in Hoboken and two weeks in a row I have not had a better start to the workweek. Excellent cleaning job!”
    John S., Hoboken, NJ

    “There is no better feeling than to come home after a long day of work to a clean house that smells fresh. Maid in Hoboken gives me my weekends back. Instead of cleaning, I can accomplish other things. The service is great and the crew is very accommodating!”
    Sean G., Jersey City, NJ

    Maid in Hoboken really showed me the quality of clean. My kids are professionals at making a mess and I am happy I have found professionals of cleaning it up. It is so nice to have an extra hand around the house!”
    Evelyn A., Edgewater, NJ

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