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  • The 5 Best International Food Spots in Hoboken, NJ

    The 5 Best International Food Spots in Hoboken, NJ
    Who doesn’t crave a delicious meal after spring cleaning is done? We sure do, and we know you probably feel the same way (even if you got the cleaning done professionally), but don’t want to eat at the same place again, right? You have a clean home, after all, you’re a new person! So we’ll share with you some of our favorite international food spots in all of Hoboken, where the dishes are as interesting as they are delicious.   We’ll cover a few countries all around, so you’ll definitely find something to suit every palate right on this list. From Mexican to Middle Eastern, breakfast to dessert, the only thing you’ll have a hard time with is choosing where to eat first. Enjoy!

    Charrito’s, Mexican eatery

      Originally established in the early 90s in Union City, New Jersey, Charrito’s started out as the side business of Filiberto and Genoveva Arias, who came from humble beginning to the city from Putla, Oaxaca. Today, Charrito’s offers a wide variety of authentic traditional mexican cuisine from all over Mexico, and while the image and menu has changed a bit through the years, the restaurant’s commitment to giving customers a delicious experience every single time hasn’t. There are two branches in Hoboken; Downtown and Midtown Charrito’s, with the former offering a vegetarian menu. Enjoy some authentic tacos, enchiladas or chilaquiles accompanied by lots of guacamole to your heart’s content.  

    Karma Kafe, Indian bistro

      Karma Kafe first opened in 1999, and while its dishes are deeply rooted in tradition, they’re designed for America’s global culture. The first thing you’ll find delicious about this charming location is the stylish decoration, featuring brass temple bells over the bar, the intricate wood carving, and the seven-foot diameter “Devi” adorning the ceiling. Thankfully, there is plenty of substance behind all this style, and the taste of every dish reflects that— from the chicken to the lamb and goat, and everything from the tandoor. You can enjoy Karma’s cooking even if you’re in a hurry thanks to their varied lunch box options.  

    Cucharamama, artisanal South American cooking

    The name “Cucharamama” literally means “mother spoon”, and the owners think that this typical Ecuadorian utensil really speaks about the power of women who reign over their kitchen. Instead of focusing on a single country, Cucharamama has created a menu that showcases the best of South American cuisine done in an artisanal style, and you can tell that Chef Maricel Presilla, an award-winning author, really is the pre-eminent expert of Latin American and Caribbean cuisine in the U.S. The distinct ingredients, flavors and techniques from Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and many other countries really shine through in every item, and the overall style of the cooking rewards repeat visits, making it one of the best date spots in Hoboken.  

    La Isla Restaurant, Cuban food

      A Hoboken institution since 1970, La Isla Restaurant serves traditional Cuban food made by the talented Chef Omar Giner. If you like to eat delicious, authentic international food without the haughtiness that comes along other types of restaurants, you’ll enjoy the unpretentious atmosphere created by the neighborhood and clientele. There are two La Isla locations with slightly differing menus, but both feature lots of delicious entrees and main courses. Definitely one of the best uptown and downtown hoboken restaurants.

    Mamoun’s Falafel, Middle Eastern food

      Originally founded in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City in 1971, Mamoun’s Falafel has since expanded tremendously and now serves their delicious Middle Eastern food in Hoboken, NJ. Still family owned and operated, every Mamoun’s branch offers a “hole-in-the-wall” experience and, of course, plenty of delicious food. Never fear, you have your falafel, hummus and baba ganoush, but the real stars are the combo plates, which combines all three with some delicious sides. Just save some space for the baklava!