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    Edgewater was the location of the Lever Brothers research center where Dove soap was invented. So it’s only natural Maid in Hoboken is right at home here.

    Once a factory-filled town, Edgewater has completely transformed itself into a vibrant, vital neighborhood filled with new residential construction, new retail centers, and a range of housing options.

    You enjoy beautiful views of Manhattan, no matter where you live in Edgewater—from luxury apartment complexes to contemporary towers on the water; from beautiful old factories, gut-renovated for residential living to the older Victorians and row houses on the slopes closer to the cliffs.

    Just as Edgewater wiped out the remnants its industrial past, Maid in Hoboken is here to help keep your home sparkling clean, using only eco-friendly and certified-green products. We do it all and bring all of the supplies necessary. Call today and let’s discuss how Maid in Hoboken can fee you from housework and give you more time to enjoy your beautifully clean home.