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    Guttenberg is one of the smallest towns in Northern New Jersey, and among the most densely populated places in the world—with 57,116 people per square mile of land.*

    At Maid in Hoboken, we know how quickly a place can get messy when there are just two people living in an apartment! That’s why Maid in Hoboken is made for Guttenberg.

    Even though Guttenberg is only 0.2 square miles in area, ten blocks long and four blocks wide—and takes less than a minute to drive through—you can count on us to take our time and give your place the kind of meticulous attention it deserves.

    Whether you live in one of the Galaxy Towers overlooking the Hudson River or another townhouse or apartment complex, we will happily keep your place spotless so you don’t have to. With recurring cleaning appointments, you won’t even know we were there, until you come home and find your place sparkling clean.

    Call Maid in Hoboken today and let’s discuss your cleaning needs. It may be crowded in Guttenberg, but our schedule is wide open for you.

    *2012 US Census Bureau