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    The hills are alive in North Bergen—with the sound of Maid in Hoboken vans.

    Did you know, the township of North Bergen has the second most hills per square mile in the United States, after San Francisco? It’s also one of the most diverse cities Maid in Hoboken serves—both culturally and geographically.

    In addition to being made up of hills, water, cliffs, and even meadowlands, North Bergen is known for its large Hispanic population. From this diversity of landscape and language sprang the eclectic and charming neighborhoods of North Bergen.

    Maid in Hoboken services all of them, including the towns of Babbitt, Granton, Homestead, Hudson Heights (the “Racetrack Section”), New Durham, Shadyside, Tyler Park, Bergenwood and Bull’s Ferry.

    At Maid in Hoboken, we’ve mastered the art of cleaning which is something you can appreciate. As one of the five North Hudson cities known collectively as “NoHu,” North Bergen is a haven for local performing and fine artists, many of whom are immigrants from Latin America and other countries.

    No matter where you live in North Bergen, Maid in Hoboken can be your cleaning service. With our top ratings on Yelp, and our strict policy of bonding and screening our cleaning teams, your home and its precious contents will be in professional hands. Call us today to discuss your needs.