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    In 1804, in Weehawken, NJ, Alexander Hamilton lost his famous duel with Aaron Burr. Today, you can see Hamilton on Broadway, just a 10-minute ferry ride from the very same Weehawken,

    Bidding wars are the duels you’re likely to encounter today in Weehawken. A much sought-after place to live, Weehawken is famous for its magnificent, unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline.

    Weehawken residents enjoy a new 16-acre park and recreation center, the Sheraton Lincoln Harbor Hotel, the Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club, several luxury condominium and townhouse complexes and a choice of upscale restaurants.

    Maid in Hoboken is proud to serve all 4 of Weehawken’s distinct neighborhoods. You’ll see our vans in Downtown, The Heights, The Waterfront, a residential community of one- and two-family homes and low-rise apartment buildings, and Uptown (which includes “The Bluffs”), where some sprawling homes with stunning Manhattan views sell for millions of dollars.

    With so much to do and see so close to home, why waste a minute of your life arguing over whose turn it is to clean the bathroom? Let Maid in Hoboken keep the peace while we keep your place spotless and ready for guests at a moment’s notice.